Topics for lectures and poster contributions

  • Floodplain restoration
    Principles and tools for planning
    Best-Practice examples
    Floodplain restoration and Natura 2000

  • River-Floodplain systems and their protection
    Present and historical floodplains
    Human uses and impacts, incl. a long-term perspective
    Threats, protection and measures (regional to transnational)
    Floodplain inventories (incl. monitoring, assessment methods, present status)
    Future perspectives of riverbank and floodplain habitats

  • Invasive species
    Overview and development
    Management options, strategies, potentials and limits
  • Rivers and floodplains - Lateral connectivity
    Present situation
    Best practice examples for reconnection

  • Synergies of nature protection and flood retention
    Function and hydraulic effectiveness of floodplains for flood retention
    Best practice examples

  • Floodplains as habitats
    Interaction between floodplain development and fluvial dynamic